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Project Timeline

[This timeline will be continually updated, and may be converted to a Wiki or Google calendar soon.]

August 8-13th, 2011: R Project Bootcamp
One week of data-crunching fun that should yield me some new chops for working with the MySQL database of poll and corpora data.

July 7 — August 2, 2011: LSA Institute: Language and the World
Four weeks of seminars, networking and learning from the world’s leading linguists. Wordnerd heaven.

April, 2011: I will be giving conference presentations about my MetaFilter sociophonetic research at VaLP, i-Mean and GULLS. See the ‘Events’ tab for more info.

March, 2011: Individual Word Frequency List Data Collection
Second data collection: Selected MetaFilter members will be contacted and asked if they would like to take part in further study by contributing a word frequency list generated from their posting history. This portion of the research is currently under ethical review by HSSEC at the University of York and is awaiting approval. Individual word frequency lists will be compared to lists of word frequencies from MetaFilter, USENET and COCA.

March 24th – 29th, 2010: MetaFilter Poll and Discussion Thread
First data collection: over 2500 MeFites from all over the world took part in an 18 question survey that collected information about pronunciation preferences for MeFi and MeFite (the “M-set”), site behaviors and ethnographic background.

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